12 February 2018

Using floor plans or arhitecture programs to preview your ideas

 Im using Floor Plan Creator by Marcin Lewandowski, free with watermarks when you save as image, on a android phone. The projects will remain on your phone, but the program needs to be bought to be able to save as a project file and save as image, png or jpeg without the watermarks.
Below, the images are put on levels, from the bottom to the top.

Kingpin map ,,Alien bar,,

 Kingpin map ,,Ship fight,,
Kingpin map ,,Stress office,,

Kingpin map ,,Water country,,

06 February 2018

I'm modding a RailKing locomotive HO scale to a Kingpin type

Mobile phone flash shows the ,,metalic,, parts, being paint. The second locomotive is missing the top part and will be modified. The bottom long plastic piece can be removed.
Kingpin texture shows a poster of a locomotive and on its tale is a transport wagon. A narrow vertical shadow between the locomotive and the transport wagon is on the texture. The next two textures of a train wheel are the same, the left texture having a shadow on the far left of it.

28 January 2018

Kingpin graffiti pack 2

Example :
.rar file contains 31 .tga files. Black color is transparency in the game.
Kingpin graffiti pack 2