18 November 2017

Kingpin graffiti pack 1

 Example :

.rar file contains 47 .tga files. Black color is transparency in the game.

Kingpin graffiti pack 1

I will post my first pack and raw images of graffiti

I will post my graffiti pack and raw images today, which are from my area and a tabaco abandoned factory.

17 March 2017

24 February 2017

COLLADA .dae models

I will make models (buildings etc.) and post them here as .dae files or in the maps my brother will make. Feel free to get inspired by them. I will export .dae models to .map files (which in turn will have brushes), which QuArK editor works with. The above model is almost finished.

Because the resulting .dae file imported in a 3d graphic program shows that the resulting poly, for example a cube, it is build by the Qubism program like a puzzle, even you do not see this in it.
A cube is build by the program with a couple of polys (not one), wich is not good for map making as it will add towards brush count and a higher map compilation, and possible texture misalignment because of the increase in brush faces.

So use the program because of its portability and for puting your ideas in the program saved file for future use. Saving a idea as a prefab is always usefull.